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Asso CBS2 Presentation

Asso CBS2 Presentation

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The main goal of the organization is to federate the students of the CBS2 Doctoral School. It acts in favor of the student occupational integration and in order to add value to the laboratory work. Generally, this organization is managed by and for the PhD students of the CBS2 doctoral school and remains opened to any suggestions of partnership for event organization that matters to you!

[x_text]From its creation in 2002, the CBS2 organization gathers the PhD students of the doctoral school No.168 CBS2 (Sciences Chimiques et Biologiques pour la Santé – Chemistry and Biology Sciences for Health).[/x_text]

The core of this organization is made up of a board, managers and active members. Every PhD student can be member of the organization except otherwise request from them.


The targeted public is in fact larger and includes all of the Health-Biology students of Montpellier research institutes, from the Master to post-thesis.


  • Connector.

    Favoring the PhD student meetings

    Whether it be in a professional context (through the scientific days of the CBS2 Doctoral School, and the organization of other events in partnership with other PhD organizations) or in a more relaxed one (through funny and sporting events organized throughout the year).

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    Settling the PhD students in the scientific life of Montpellier

    Specially by encouraging them to take part of events such as the Science Day and by organizing events opened to the whole scientific community.

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    Insuring communication between the PhD students and the different institutions they can be confronted with.

    Meetings organized by the CBS2 Doctoral School board to pass PhD student requests, or even to enable direct discussion between the PhD students encountering problems and the Doctoral School.
    Representation within different administrative institutions (Commission Recherche de l'UM, COMUE Languedoc-Roussillon Universités et Collège Doctoral Université Sud de France Montpellier-Perpignan, CTE Biologie-Santé de l'UM, conseil de l’Ecole Doctorale...).

  • [x_text]One-time or on-request events[/x_text][gap size= »5px »]
    • The CBS2 Day (Annual congress)
    • Parties, trips,…
    • Representation of the PhD students in front of different bodies
    • Information for the CBS2 PhD community
  • [x_text]Regular events[/x_text][gap size= »5px »]
    • Management of possible problems encountered by the PhD students
    • Discussions with the Contact organization
    • Organization of competitions for the Doctoral School life
    • Coordination of events for Science Day
    • Supporting PhD students’projects
« This organization is managed by and for the PhD students of the CBS2 doctoral school and remains opened to any suggestions or propositions. »

Become an Admin/Active Member

CBS2 PhD student? If you want to actively take part of the CBS2 Asso, contact us using the contact form 'Admin/Member'