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Legal Notice

Legal Notice


Browsing on this website makes you a user of the CBS2 Asso Website. By becoming a user, you accept all the legal information described below.

Website Publisher 

Corporate name: Asso CBS2 (Association des Etudiants et Anciens Etudiants de l’Ecole Doctorale CBS2)

SIRET Number: 443741566 00014

Postal address: IGH, 141 rue de la cardonille, 34090 Montpellier cedex 5
Web address:

President: Benoît Girard | Treasurer: Amélie Borie | Secretary: Laura Auboyer
Writing: Benoit Girard | Translation: Pierre Lesport, Marilyne Kafrouni, Quentin Seisel

The CBS2 Asso is an organization ruled by the law of July, 1st 1901 and the decree of August, 16th 1901.

Objectives of the organization:
– Federate research master students, PhD students and post-doctoral students within an information sharing platform.
– Sponsor new students.
– Promote scientific exchanges between PhD students like, for example, the ‘CBS2 Day’.
– Act in favor of the occupational integration of the PhD students.
– Gather the PhD students around funny evenings and sport events.

The members are the students and former students of the CBS2 doctoral school. The notion of student or former student of the CBS2 doctoral school is to be considered practically speaking and not administratively speaking: every student who is doing or has done an internship for the Research Master or a PhD within the CBS2 doctoral school is considered as a member even if being administratively registered in a higher education establishment out of the doctoral school.

The CBS2 organization is independent and autonomous. So it refuses any affiliation to a political, denominational or trade union organization. It is not related to any political current. Any use by a member of the organization breaking this principle is likely to lead to a removal of the member.

Website Management and Hosting

Content management tool: WordPress
Design, realization and maintenance: Benoît Girard
Webmaster:  Benoît Girard

Hosting: OVH
Society: OVH
Web address:
Postal address: 2 rue kellermann, BP 80157, 59053 ROUBAIX Cedex 1


Conditions of use

Personal data

The website is using cookies. The CBS2 Asso uses personal information that it collects from users in order to provide services and ensure their management.

In compliance with the Computer Science and Liberty of January, 6th 1978 modified by the law of August, 6th 2004, you have rights to access, correct, modify , delete personal data that you gave us. You can apply this right by speaking to the CBS2 Asso by Email ( or postal mail (IGH, 141 rue de la cardonille, 34090 Montpellier cedex 5);

If you subscribed to information services by Email (« newsletter »), you can ask to unsubscribe either as described above, or following the instructions written in the bottom of each of these mails when you receive them.

The users must use the nominative data present on the website complying to the applicable regulations and, particularly, to the dictates and recommendations of the Information Commissioner’s Office (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL)). Using nominative information for another purpose (for example, sales or advertisement) is strictly prohibited in every country.

Password use

Some interactive contents and services of the website require a login and password. The logins and passwords are confidential, personal and untransferable. The user is responsible of the management and the preservation of these logins and passwords. As a consequence, it is up to the user to implement any precautions necessary to their protection and preservation.

The user is responsible of the consequences of their use.

Collaboration spaces, forums

The discussion spaces are intended to allow users to contribute to the proposed discussion topics. Data appearing on them cannot be collected or used for other purposes.

A manager or moderator can delete, prior to its diffusion, any contribution not related to the discussion topic, the editorial line of the website or that would be opposite to the law. The contributors must respect the author right and copyright in the contributions and documents to be downloaded they propose.

In case of publication of libellous words, the president is not responsible for internet user comments except if he read their content before publishing or if he did not immediately react to remove them when reading them.



The CBS2 Asso struggled to ensure the accuracy of all information provided on their website. The CBS2 Asso responsibility in no case can be committed to potential and unexpected errors occurring on the website. The CBS2 Asso disclaims all responsibility regarding information available on its website. Besides, no guarantee is given as for the accuracy, precision or exhaustiveness of online information.

While we followed all the procedures to ensure reliability of the information contained on this website, the CBS2 Asso cannot risk any responsibility for errors, omissions, or for the results that could be obtained using this information.

The CBS2 Asso does not guarantee that the server hosting the website is free from virus or that a technical problem can occur that could damage the components of the user computer or the stored data. In any case, the CBS2 Asso cannot be responsible for any damage occurring when connecting to the website.


No license, nor other right than seeing the website is given to anyone with regards to the intellectual property rights. In compliance with the requirements of the article L 122-5 alinéa 2 of the intellectual property code, the copies or reproductions strictly reserved for private use and not intended to a collective use are authorized. The reproduction of texts of this website on print medium can also be authorized in for a teaching purpose, subject to respect of the following conditions: free publishing; respect of the integrity of the reproduced documents; clear and readable quotation of the source. Any reproductions or uses of copies for other purposes are expressly prohibited.


The CBS2 Asso gives on its website links for other websites. These links are given in agreement with the concerned websites  when the CBS2 Asso judged it appropriate to do it, considering the contents and services of these websites. The CBS2 Asso cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites and its use.

The CBS2 authorizes using a hyperkink towards the content of its website, subject to mentioning the source that will directly point out the targeted content. Do not use the ‘deep linking’. This means that the pages of the website mustn’t be interlocked in the pages of another website, but accessible by a window opening.

The use for sales or advertisement is excluded. This authorization cannot be applied to websites broadcasting information with controversial, pornographic, xenophobic characteristic or harming the highest number.

Technical constraints

The user declares accepting the internet characteristics and limitations and admits:
– knowing the nature of the internet network and in particular, its technical specifications and response times, to see, question or transfer the data;
– that the data circulating on the internet are not necessarily protected, particularly against the potential diversions;
– that it is up to the user to take all the appropriated precautions in order to protect his own data and/or software from the infection by potential virus on the network.

The CBS2 Asso cannot guarantee the good working of its website with any existing web browsers and operating systems.