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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedures

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Students wishing to integrate a Master degree must send an application.

Application (e-candidat): from the beginning of April to the beginning of July

[icon type= »caret-right »] The necessary information for application procedures are available on the Science Faculty Website

[icon type= »caret-right »] Here are the different steps to apply for the Biology-Health Master Degree

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Inquire on the courses

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Apply on e-candidat

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »]  You can choose online the courses you want to apply for, have a look at your file, follow-up the process evolution and also see the decisions.

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] If your application got accepted by the education committee and you received an acceptance email, you must confirm your application for an administrative registration.

NB: Documents to be prepared beforehand: transcripts of grades of the Bachelor and 1st year of Master, resume, cover letter.

NB: Don’t forget to regularly have a look at your mailbox to check the decisions.

Administrative Registration (Apoweb) : opening in July and September

[icon type= »caret-right »] The necessary information for administrative registration procedures are available on the Science Faculty Website

[icon type= »caret-right »] Here are the different steps of an administrative registration for the Biology-Health Master degree

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Once your application is accepted, you must register on APOWEB (link available on the Science Faculty Website).

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] If you can’t access APOWEB, you should ask for it at the Master office (see the tab ‘Administrative Offices’ on the ‘Study and Research’ Page)

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] On APOWEB you must download the file, fill it in and join the required.

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Then, you must set an appointment and go to the ‘Student House’ with the acceptance email, the complete file and the required documents (originals and copies).

[icon type= »caret-right »]  For Master degrees, the Education Registration is done with the supervisor or the department secretary from the end of September to the beginning of October for the 1st semester.

[icon type= »caret-right »] The education registration is done by filling in a form for each semester. An email is usually sent for the procedure start.

[icon type= »caret-right »]  The education registration is mandatory (course choice, tutorial registration, convocations, result recording…).

General Information

[icon type= »caret-right »] An internship can’t last more than 6 months during the universitary year (from September, 1st to August 31st)

[icon type= »caret-right »]  Internships lasting more than 2 months must be paid (except for regional or hospital authority)

[icon type= »caret-right »]  After being accepted, the agreement can be modified by an amendment on P-Stage through the DWS (ENT) (internship extension, payment, etc…)

[icon type= »caret-right »] The training agreement must be signed and validated before the beginning of the internship.

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Validation and signature time of the agreement (including searching for information, validation by the tutor in charge and signature from everyone):

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Unpaid training scheme: the training agreement is accepted after about 2 weeks at least. To avoid any inconveniences, allow at least one month for your agreement to get accepted.

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Paid training scheme: according to the type of funding, the agreement must be sent out of Montpellier and the acceptance lasts more than a month.

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Abroad training: according to the reactivity of the host organization (and without allowing for possible procedures in the host organization), the agreement is accepted in less than 2 months.

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] It can be sometimes accepted for the student to start the training if the validation procedure is ongoing.

The agreement is to be done on P-Stage through the DWS (ENT) (ENT > Ma Scolarité > Stages et offres d’emploi)

[icon type= »caret-right »] The trainings are not pre-registered on the DWS, you will have to input the training and you might get the required information not already filled such as:

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Training objectives, definition of the given activities

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Starting and ending dates (watch out for English in M1, UE in M2), weekly duration (watch out for UE in M1)

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Correct payment amount to the last cent

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Contact of the establishment, No. SIRET and APE

[icon type= »caret-right »] At the end of the input, the agreement is automatically sent to the tutor in charge.

Once the agreement has been validated by the tutor in charge, you will be able to edit and print it in order to collect signatures.

[icon type= »caret-right »] Signature track (in 4 copies) :

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] You [icon type= »long-arrow-right »] Training tutor [icon type= »long-arrow-right »] Host organization (sometimes different depending on the funding, inquire from the secretary of the host institute) [icon type= »long-arrow-right »] Tutor in charge of M1 or M2 [icon type= »long-arrow-right »] Training desk of the FdS (for signature of pour signature par directeur de la FdS)

[icon type= »caret-right »] Documents to provide: public liability insurance, social security certification (and social security card for foreigner), a detailed agenda of hours in case of particular hours

[icon type= »caret-right »] In case of an abroad training, the following documents must also be provided:

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Contact abroad with a letter from the company or the host organization giving the training topic, the name of the supervisor and the amount of the payment if there is one.

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Certification of work accident abroad given by the CPAM (to be negotiated with the health insurance)

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] European health insurance card (in case of a training in the European Union or in Switzerland) and repatriation certification (to be asked from the mutual insurance company).

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] Be careful of  possible medical costs in the countries out of the European Union.

[icon type= »arrow-circle-right »] Guide of FdS trainings

[icon type= »arrow-circle-right »] FAQ FdS Training

[icon type= »arrow-circle-right »] Help for Going Abroad

[icon type= »arrow-circle-right »] Location of Administrative Offices (training, international relations, Master supervisors,…) in the tab ‘Administrative Offices’ on the ‘Study and Research’ page

[icon type= »caret-right »]  Validation of the grades of the semester 1 at the end of March and available in mid-April.

[icon type= »caret-right »]  Validation of the grades of the semester 2 at the end of June and available in mid-July.

[icon type= »caret-right »] At the beginning of March, contact the UE-related supervisor.

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] The retake exam in session 2 is not accepted in Master if the student acquired the semester in session 1 as compensation (the average of the grades of the semester being greater or equal to 10)

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] If the student stands anyway in session 2, the grade obtained won’t be kept.

[icon type= »caret-right »] Validation of the Master by validating the two semesters without compensation between semesters.

[icon type= »caret-right »] Awarding of jury points is done at the final jury after the 2nd exam session.

[icon type= »caret-right »] If you have information regarding methods and period of recovery of diploma, contact us through the Contact form ‘Website’

[icon type= »caret-right »] If you have information regarding methods and periods of transmission of files, contact us through the Contact form ‘Website’.