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Presentation of the Master Biology Health

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[icon type= »caret-right »] The Master Biology Health belongs to the Bio-MV department (Biologie – Mécanismes du vivant / Biology – Living Mechanisms) of the Faculty of Sciences.

[icon type= »caret-right »] The training course is composed of 4 semesters over 2 years (M1 and M2) and gathers more than 250 students. The aim is to offer a training for and by research where the labs are particularly known and skillful.

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] At the M1 level, a mandatory common teaching enables to acquire and strengthen the cross-disciplinary pure knowledge.

From this first year, a course choice is proposed with the possibility to choose 3 or 4 UEs according to the selected path in order to build a strengthening of the knowledge related to a more precise thematic. This organization allows to draw up a personalized background. An internship lasting at least 2 months is also performed to initiate the student into the professional area.

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] At the M2 level, the courses are more specialized and related to research laboratories. A mandatory choice course is completed by a thematic course, which keeps the drawing of the personalized background started in M1.

The M2 classes are punctuated by the intervention of professionals known in their different  specialities and allowing for a training meeting at best the issues of the related professions. This allows to offer a an advanced training in different fields while giving the opportunity of exchange between students and professionals regarding their careers. Thus, every student benefits from a personalized management that gives him the opportunity of a direct exchange with professionals. An internship of 4 months minimum is also performed to perfect the student’s learning and allow him to apply the knowledge he got.

[icon type= »caret-right »]  The CBS2 Association mainly concerns the Biology-Health trainings related to Research and giving access to the CBS2 Doctoral School competitive exams. For the other paths related to R&D and other professions of the industry, see the biology-health master website.

[icon type= »caret-right »]  The Research paths allow a training adapted to Academic Research and to have a close collaboration with the main Biology-Health lines of the Pôle Rabelais. So these different paths are the closest to today issues of Biology Health research. The internships of the research paths take place in one of the of the host teams listed in the CBS2 Doctoral School.

[icon type= »caret-right »]  However, carry out one of these paths is not opposing to a career project in another environment than the academic research. Some paths have been organized by the way in order to meet as much the industry profession requests as the academic research (cf : InIm path, Biophysics and Cancer).

[icon type= »caret-right »] On the contrary, a training intended for R&D or industry professions does not exclude the possibility of a career in academic research as long as a professional project comes from the training.

[icon type= »arrow-circle-right »] Click over here to learn more on the Biology-Health in Montpellier.

[icon type= »caret-right »]  In a word, as much in M1 as in M2, each path has mandatory UEs and other optional to be chosen.

[icon type= »caret-right »] In a long complicated way, some UEs are common to the paths, some are mandatory, other are mandatory with a restricted choice or mandatory with a large choice; and to finish, some UEs are voluntary.

[icon type= »caret-right »]  In a long simplified way, here is a recap chart with the different UEs depending on the Research paths.

[icon type= »caret-right »] The Biology Health Master represents a level and a diploma allowing an integration into the world of work. But most of the students of the research path want to do a PhD thesis.

[icon type= »caret-right »] The Biology-Health Master leads to pure or applied research in the public or private sector. In the public research, these openings are in the higher education (lecturer and researcher in Universities or other higher education establishments). In the private sector, it is mainly R&D Research Engineer positions, Clinical Research Associate, Project Manager, Hygienist or Product Manager in the industrial sectors (pharmaceutical, biomedical, food-processing, biotechnologies).

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] The descriptive of the different mentions of the Master, of the doctoral schools as well as the related paths provides objectives and openings hoped by the supervisors for the students. The training of each student is unique and it is difficult to generalize each career in a concise description.

[icon type= »caret-right »][icon type= »caret-right »] The students sometimes have prospects for the future more or less confused connoted by general ideas encompassing largely research, biotechnologies or food-processing for example. To have a more practical idea on the future, here is the link of statistical studies carried out by the Faculty of Sciences over the former students of Montpellier.