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Biology and Health

Biology and Health

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Pôle Rabelais

[icon type= »caret-right »] Part of the COMUE Languedoc-Roussillon, the Pôle BioSanté Rabelais includes all Languedoc-Roussillon education and research structures in Biology and Health and promotes them at National and International level.

[icon type= »caret-right »] The Pôle aims to create a network between the fields of academia, hospital, industry and university in Biology and Health.

Education and Research

[icon type= »caret-right »] Here is the list of Units, Teams, HDR and PhD students being simultaneously linked to the Doctoral School CBS2, the Pôle Rabelais and the Biology and Health master.


[icon type= »caret-right »] BioCampus includes 50 technical installations organised in 12 platforms, offering services to the whore biology and health scientific community.

[icon type= »caret-right »] Its platforms give « open access » benefits, scientific and technical expertises, technological workshops, etc…


[icon type= »caret-right »] Genopolys is a building which can be accessed by anyone wanting to gather, get formed and get informed on scientific topics related to biology and health. It constitutes a hub between fundamental research and the general public, researchers and doctors, and industry.

[icon type= »caret-right »] The building includes meeting rooms, one amphitheater and two labs for practicals.