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Student Life (CROUS)

Student Life

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[icon type= »caret-right »] The CROUS are public establishments mainly in charge of social help, welcoming of international students, student accommodations, university catering and cultural student life. More precisely, the CROUS of Montpellier give information about students’ social files  (DSE : student grants and accommodation requests), is in charge of the university housing, university restaurants (« restos U »), grants for foreign students, etc…

[icon type= »caret-right »] We advise you to visit the website of the CROUS of Montpellier (available both in French and English) for any information about grants, housing, catering and student jobs.

[icon type= »arrow-circle-right »] ‘CROUS Montpellier’ website

[icon type= »caret-right »] The Languedoc-Roussillon COMUE established a student/researcher international welcoming service. It notably allows residence permit requests for students and researchers in Hérault.

[icon type= »caret-right »] The COMUE proposes an international mentoring for welcoming and integration of foreign students and PhD students (practical informations, residence permit, accommodation, …).
You can mentor or ask for a mentoring on the website.

[icon type= »arrow-circle-right »] ‘International Mentoring’ website