CBS2 Days

Welcome to the CBS2 DAYS 2022!

Like every year, the CBS2 association of PhD students is organizing a congress which aims to represent the students, to valorise their work and to share it with all the CBS2 Doctoral School students in Montpellier. This year, the congress will take place the 3rd of June at Triolet campus (Sciences Faculty), and will be in presential. We want to deeply thanks our generous sponsor: the Doctoral School CBS2 thanks to whom the event can take place! 
In order to organize this congress, we need volunteers to talk about their projects!

Talking about your project will be possible either with a short talk (10min talk + 5min questions) or thanks to a poster, or a flash talk (1 slide, 2.5 min of presentation). If you want to participate, you will be able to submit an abstract on this website! See « how to register » below!

Presentations will be organized in different categories:

  • Health
  • Biotech, engineering and innovation

Presentations will be judged by a panel of scientists, and the best ones will be rewarded in each category.

For any question please contact us at: or check our Facebook page.